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The Workshops and Trainings by Maua

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Most organizations aren’t built for change. They spend a lot of time talking about it but don’t always know how to make the first move. And in the meantime, they get left behind. The consultants of Maua, have led many diverse teams into the future. Today, they help leaders and their teams effectively lead and work across cultural, racial, and intersectional differences, curating a sense of belonging.

This approach isn’t easy but can create tremendous value. This is why Maua exists. Work with the team to gain key insights and proven strategies for leading multi-cultural teams and embracing racial equity.

All of our workshops can be presented either in-person or virtually.


While most employees think of themselves as allies, relatively few white employees are performing basic allyship actions, such as advocating for racial equity or mentoring women of color.

Allyship in Action

Hiring inclusively, or like how we like to describe it, promoting value-based hiring, require insightful strategies and purpose-driven tactics to create a culture of belonging that will attract valuable stakeholders.

Value-Based Hiring

A series of trainings that helps you harness the emotions that stand in the way of building trust, collaboration, and engagement across the organization.

Taking Meeting Notes


A comprehensive, multidisciplinary professional development program designed primarily for high-performing minority managers and senior managers to cultivate their leadership skillset and to help prepare them for the next stage in their careers.

Navigating Leadership
Successful Restaurant Owner

S3 Leaders is a robust leadership fundamentals training program that represents the essence of our proven approach to building better leaders.

S3 Leaders

ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils are vital links for improving organizational results. However to remain impactful and effective, members need opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge and to learn and share best practices.

Cornerstone Program


The Intersectional Advantage

A highly engaging workshop to learn about the differences and similarities across intersectionalities in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create synergy that drives results.

The Roundtable

A unique workshop, where your team goes on an in-depth journey to fully understanding the world in which each individual team member work and live in.

Speaking to your Community
Friends Having Lunch

Allyship spans beyond White Allies. Although each underrepresented group has had to struggle in a world of inequity, many feel lost on how they put their allyship into action towards each other

featured series

An ongoing fireside-chat series curating conversations around current social topics and celebrating diverse entrepreneurs, founders, business builders, and funders.

To be released: News to Me

A discovery of what minority and underrepresented groups are doing in the world of business.

featured insights

To be released: Accidental Racist

A deep dive into the world of white privilege and systematic racism with a hit of humor and realism.

The Leader's Toolbox

Advice on growing and transforming as a leader in the modern world.

ready for impact?

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