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As leaders in the Hiring and DEI industries, the consultants of Maua, Geno Smith, and Keosha Gibbs-Lucas have led many diverse teams into the future. Today, they help leaders and their teams effectively lead and work across cultural, racial, and intersectional differences, curating a sense of belonging.

Work with the team to gain key insights and proven strategies for leading multi-cultural teams and embracing racial equity.

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All of our workshops can be presented either in-person or virtually.

Diversity Recruitment is an Art

Best For: Business & People Leaders - Recruitment teams, Human Resource Managers, Hiring Managers

For Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to be interwoven throughout your entire organization, every team member must be committed to creating a sense of belonging.


In this workshop, dive deep into the mechanisms of hiring and how to translate tangible tools that work to attract diverse talent of quality.


  • Identify the differences in recruitment techniques for several underrepresented communities

  • Develop a diversity recruitment and hiring strategy that makes you a magnet for candidates

  • Identify the key hires you need to drive DEI initiatives

  • Understand the organizational and individual value of DEIB

Team Meeting

Why is DEIB Important? - Through an EQ Lens

Best For: Business & People Leaders - Executive Leaders, Mid-Level Managers, Frontline Leaders or ALL

For Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to be interwoven throughout your entire organization, every team member must be committed to creating a sense of belonging.


In this engaging and insightful workshop, the Maua team takes those skeptical of the value of DEIB and open their eyes to the risk to their business without it. For those ready for action the team equips them with additional tools and awareness to further understand and articulate the value of DEIB. The Maua team does this with an emotional intelligence approach.


  • Identity the risks associated with not making DEIB a serious business imperative

  • Provide a common language and working knowledge of key DEIB terms such as diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging, identity, and intersectionality

  • Explain emotional intelligence fit within diversity work

  • Understand the organizational and individual value of DEIB

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Leading Diverse Teams through EQ

Best For: Business & People Leaders

In this training workshop, Geno & Keosha breaks Inclusive Leadership down into 5 straight-forward characteristics, demonstrating what each looks like in day to day operation. They uncover what it takes to lead with emotional intelligence and to understand the importance of their inclusive leadership and an awakened curiosity to learn more about themselves and the lived experiences of others.


  • Identify the 5 characteristics of highly inclusive leaders and what motivates them

  • Explain the quantitative and qualitative value of inclusive leadership

  • Identify personal areas of opportunity to be a more inclusive leader

  • Develop an individual development plan

Managing Unconscious Bias

Best For: Employees and/or leaders at all levels

Bias impacts everything. From the decisions we make, to the relationships we interact in, to how we see and treat others, our myriad of biases are often at the helm, even at work. And the scariest part is many of us have no idea.


Bias, if unmanaged, presents opportunity for us to do true harm to those around us, ourselves, and our organizations. It can create hostile work environments that yield decreased team performance, turnover, and less than desired business results.


In this interactive and thought-provoking program, Keosha & Geno introduce attendees to their own personal biases, provides context for their potential sources, and reveals their true potential impact. They help attendees identify their struggles and build strategies to combat every day bias as it exist.


  • Identify what unconscious bias is and when it is occurring

  • Explore the threat of unconscious bias on your organization

  • Understand the sources and potential impact of unconscious bias

  • Recognize 6 common biases that impact work

  • Identify four strategies to effectively “rumble” with unconscious bias

Best For: ALL - employees and/or leaders of all generations

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The Roundtable

Best For: Employees and/or leaders at all levels

In this unique and highly engaging workshop, Keosha & Geno takes your teams on an in-depth journey to fully understanding the world in which each individual team member work and live in. In a space that is created to be safe, team members will be at liberty to share lived experiences in and out of the workplace that contribute to how they work and relate to each other.


Teams will leave with a clear understanding of how lived experiences impact the way people perform and how they are best led and motivated at work. Geno & Keosha will help attendees develop strategies for effectively leading across diversities within their team. 


  • Learn communication skills to better lead out of an authentic and emotional intelligent space.

  • Gain insight into other communities to increase empathy and effectiveness

  • Understand the motivations of each team member and why

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Creating Places Where We Belong

Best For: ERG Leaders, D&I Leaders, & Executive Leadership teams

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Allyship in Action

Best For: Current & Aspiring White Allies

The Inclusion Movement (We’ll call it T.I.M) has started and has awakened the perception of the reality of racial inequality and inequity in America. Though there have been many already aware of the problem, TIM has inspired a desire for deep change.


In this workshop, Geno & Keosha creates a welcoming safe space for aspiring allies to learn about the depths and severity of systemic racism in the U.S. and how to activate their antiracist allyship in their everyday professional and personal lives to close the gaps in inequity. 


  • Define and explain the depths of systemic racism in the U.S.

  • Identify performative vs. effective allyship

  • Learn the 5 steps towards active allyship

  • Understand the dynamics of being an Accidental Racist and describe what it means to be an antiracist

Speaking To Your Community

Best For: ERG Leaders, current and aspiring allies

Allyship spans beyond White Allies. Although each underrepresented group has had to struggle in a world of inequity, many feel lost on how they put their allyship into action from one Black or Person of Color, towards another.


In this workshop, Geno & Keosha will apply anti-discriminatory principles to real life situations to create an open and safe space for People of color, Black, and Indigenous people; an opportunity for them to identify how systematic racism has impacted each community and be equipped with tools to walkthrough differences.


  • Learning how systematic racism has created deep lines of demarcation between those that fall victim to it.

  • Identify performative vs. effective allyship

  • Learn the 5 steps towards active allyship for BIPOC communities

  • Understanding of each community’s needs and empowering each other with tools for equitable justice

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In this program, the Maua team will help prepare ERG leaders for the realities of the diverse workplace and the challenges of creating culture, directly or indirectly, within it as professionals. They provide insights and proven strategies of multicultural leadership as well as amusing stories and compelling research.


  • Learn how to create cross functional programming to magnify impact and budget

  • Gain insight into other cultures to increase empathy and effectiveness

  • Understand how to measure culture effectiveness and implement across multiple locations/regions within an org

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The Intersectional Advantage

This unique and highly engaging workshop will engage every attendee, as they learn about the differences and similarities across intersectionalities in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create synergy that drives results. Attendees will walk away understanding general characteristics, why these characteristics are as they are, and how to phycological safety for each to show up at work authentically. 


  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of intersectional characteristics and why each are the way they are

  • Learn techniques for communicating more effectively with members of different cultures

  • Appreciate intersectional diversity as an organizational strength rather than a nuance to placate

Best For: ALL - employees and/or leaders of all generations

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