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If the pandemic has shown us anything, it's how important manufacturing is, to keeping our society running. From warehouse workers to picker/packers, forklift drivers, and everyone in between, that reality has been brought to life by the tireless contributions of employees like yours

It's nearly impossible to overstate the importance of the manufacturing and logistics sectors to the health of the U.S. economy overall. Just for starters, consider the fact that every dollar spent in manufacturing adds another $1.89 to the overall economy — and that's a higher rate than any other sector.  

But all of that growth won’t be realized unless distinctive challenges are overcome — talent shortages, skills gaps, and a growing retention crisis are all major trends affecting hiring throughout manufacturing and logistics. To stay competitive, employers will need to tailor their hiring approaches differently. But for many, that can be too big an undertaking to tackle solo, and that's why many best-in-class manufacturing and logistics companies turn to strategic partners for help. 

Ready to move the needle on key metrics like talent, safety, and more? Here’s a look at Smithsons’ core service areas, how we can deliver value — and what sets us apart from the competition.

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These are only a few examples of how we're partnering with and supporting leading manufacturing and logistics companies today. Ultimately, with our large network of qualified candidates available on-demand across the country, together with our deep domain expertise in the manufacturing and logistics industries, we can solve virtually any talent-related pain point, no matter how large or small

how we can help

Unlike most other staffing partners, we understand the necessity for diverse minds to aid in collaboration around operational KPIs, and connection between talent around safety and compliance — two things that can make all of the difference for manufacturing and logistics companies. 

Plus, we can enhance your organization’s onboarding processes, build best-in-class communication channels around safety, and partner with your leadership to help you overcome key safety challenges.

Another differentiator from our competitors is our high-tech, high-touch approach to staffing. While all of our recruiters are empowered with innovative hiring technologies, they’re also constantly in touch with talent, and they leverage those relationships to source candidates who are uniquely qualified to meet your needs. That way, you’ll get candidates who aren't just ready to contribute value from day one but also possess the intangibles that make someone a great fit for your organization’s culture, too.

Finally, there’s our in-depth pre-employment screening process, which we can customize to meet your business objectives, no matter how complex or niche they might be. While a recent survey revealed a sunny outlook among manufacturing and logistics companies today, finding skilled talent to support demand remains a major concern — and when you partner with Smithsons, we can always step in to help you scale.

more than just manufactoring and logistics

Smithsons' is equipped to assist in ways beyond just staffing for manufacturing and logistics roles. 

Say you partnered with Smithsons' manufacturing and logistics experts to find general workers or forklift drivers for your warehouse. From there, why not work backward through the funnel and turn to our staffing specialists to get talent that can secure patents for products, or work with us in engineering to find innovative thinkers who can create new concepts. 

Or maybe you ship products directly to consumers. You'll definitely want to have a top-notch customer support team in place to field calls. Smithsons' experts in office and administrative staffing can help you find customer service reps to keep customer satisfaction high and order renewals rolling in.

In the end, whatever your staffing needs may be, Smithsons has the expertise needed to address them, thanks to the many different areas in which we specialize. 


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