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create a plan that gets your business where it needs to be

preparing organizations to lead multicultural teams through emotinal intelligence

The Maua team helps organizations and their leaders better understand their opportunities for growth and guides them in developing strategies to achieve their desired results.

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Through their strategic advisory sessions, the Maua team helps organizations prepare and lead their teams into success

What's the Process?

The Maua team's process is first through an established partnership. They guide, facilitate, ideate, analyze, and then establish evaluations. Through extensive research and probing to learn about your business, the Maua team develops a customize strategy with your teams in mind.

The Maua Roadmap

Digging Deep

Through a series of think tanks and inteviews with diverse groups of team mates, we identify challenges, areas of opportunities, and goals.

Design Implementation

We design intentional implementation, and key benchmarks with check points to make sure metrics are on track

Discover Data

We collect data and informaion from diverse sources to begin strategic planning

Relay Developments

We compile a comprehensive report including our suggestions on how to move forward based on extensive research


We evaluate implementation measures through several touch points.

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