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Smithsons partners with hospitality companies as they flex, adapt, and transform their businesses. Our innovative approach to talent mobility moves talent into, through, and out of organizations to generate greater growth, increased productivity, and future profitability.

What are Delightful Moments?

At Smithsons Signature, we always put people first. Our mission is to connect people to brands by identifying the right person to represent each brand that we partner with and do more than just wow their customers.

That means we create a delightful experience within each encounter.

At Smithsons Signature, we are highly-selective about who we hire. From requiring all staff submit a video interview for entry into our database, to pre and post screenings, we provide the best staff for your environment to delight your customers and drive your business.

Fruity Drinks

Recognize the Smithsons difference.

  • Trusted staff who are trained and experienced in serving for premium events.

  • One on One attention

  • Seamless client request process

Delivering Delightful Moments​

  • All of our staff are ServSafe Certified

  • All of our staff are trained in basic sommelier, and customized service.

  • Uniforms are critically scrutinized to receive ours and your stamp of approval.

Orange Cocktail

Our people make the difference.

We work hard and we love what we do. We hire intelligent, enthusiastic, and relatable people – and it shows. Our HQ is filled with experiential professionals who know first-hand what success looks like in the field. Their experience and partnership approach is the key to our clients’ success.

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find quality 5-star hospitality professionals

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