meet our team

Who We Are: The leadership group at Smithsons has decades of combined experience working within the HR solutions and staffing industry, so they understand your business and its needs.


Eugene Smith

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eugene leads Smithsons' core business brands in the U.S, including Smithsons Staffing Solutions, Smithsons Signature, and Grow +. With his expertise in leadership, corporate care and technology gained from over 20 years of experience, he plays an integral role in driving Smithsons' transformation as a data-driven organization with a human touch. Eugene also has a strong track record of leading teams where performance, customer centricity, people development, and diversity/equity/inclusion are key pillars.

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Keosha Gibbs-Lucas

Chief Financial Officer

As chief financial officer of Smithsons Staffing Solutions, Keosha directs the company’s business control (FP&A), business services, accounting, risk, internal audit, tax, legal, and diversity/equity/inclusion functions. ​Keosha provides business advisory, strategic planning, operations and financial management services to Smithsons' integrated staffing solutions. In her role as CFO, she aligns and enhances business performance by delivering insight to further company growth in the market. She not only advances diversity and inclusion among internal employees, Keosha also partners with clients as they work to achieve their own diversity goals. Keosha firmly believes that diversity and inclusion must be woven into every aspect of the talent life cycle to attract quality candidates, enhance employee engagement and drive performance.

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Michael Krebs

Sales - Smithsons Signature

Michael heads Smithsons Signature's, sales department. A seasoned professional with years of sales and communications experience, he is responsible for generating profitable growth and increasing market share through integrated business development. Michael is passionate about cultivating high-performing teams and delivering on Smithsons' brand promise — bridging diversity with hiring, to give hospitality professionals longevity in employment.

Derek Ford

Sales - Smithsons Signature - Southeast

Derek directs Smithsons Signature's, Southeast sales function. A seasoned professional with years of sales and recruitment experience, Derek is responsible for generating profitable growth and increasing market share through business development and account management. Derek has a passion for putting people to work, and attribute that speaks to the heart of Smithsons' values. 


Tanisha Moore

Recruitment - Smithsons Signature

Tanisha is responsible for the strategic recruitment direction and business operations of Smithsons Signature. With over a decade of industry experience, Tanisha is recognized for conceptualizing many key sales, and operational innovations within the industry and successfully leading teams to turn those innovations into successful business.