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A comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy will help you extend your reach and impact in the talent market, fuel innovation and drive better business outcomes.

Maua is our training platform created to support diverse professionals and train organizations on creating inclusive spaces

The "Other" experience in the workplace

Being the "only" in a room, on a team, or in the workplace at large is not an uncommon experience for professionals of diverse backgrounds. Participants in Maua discuss the challenges posed by a lack of representation—and the importance of creating more inclusive and diverse organizations.

examples of what our program can provide

Our Cornerstone program works with key stakeholders to plan and implement employee or business resource groups that create impactful work, similar to this research project preformed by Alta Fiber's BOLD erg.

"Diversity is no longer just a nice-to-have value; it’s a business priority."

-Barry Isaacs, Regional Sales Director

our programs

Hiring inclusively, or like how we like to describe it, promoting value-based hiring, require insightful strategies and purpose-driven tactics to create a culture of belonging that will attract valuable stakeholders.

Value-Based Hiring

ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils are vital links for improving organizational results. However to remain impactful and effective, members need opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge and to learn and share best practices.

Cornerstone Program

While most employees think of themselves as allies, relatively few white employees are performing basic allyship actions, such as advocating for racial equity or mentoring women of color.

Allyship in Action
related workshops
The Intersectional Advantage

A highly engaging workshop to learn about the differences and similarities across intersectionalities in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create synergy that drives results.

The Roundtable

A unique workshop, where your team goes on an in-depth journey to fully understanding the world in which each individual team member work and live in.

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