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the world has changed, and it's time that the staffing and recruitment industry change with it. Smithsons believe in representing who we put to work, and what work we put people in.

Our Commitment

We are committed to advancing social justice and racial equity in our organization, our communities and our society. We are working toward a world where everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability or Veteran status, has equal access to opportunities and feels valued and respected.

For other agencies, the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion might be new to them. But for us, it's been the focus from the beginning. We've created diverse pipelines representing a wide range of historically underrepresented people, and have worked through our core industries to create equitable and inclusive environments.

From formulating resource groups to equity audits and leadership coaching, Smithsons goes beyond diversity hiring. We've worked to recreate what staffing looks like, and that means a few things to us:

  • creating a diversity strategy to go along with your hiring strategy; every time.

  • offering opportunities to build an inclusive environment so that your qualified candidates stay with you.

  • notify you of changes in salary trends, and employer branding.

the impact of DE&I in staffing

When diverse backgrounds and perspectives come together, innovation and new ideas thrive — and that’s a recipe for business growth, too, as plenty of research shows. So if you’re looking to build a more well-rounded team and drive your business forward, we can help.

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the importance of inclusion during Covid-19