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Hiring at Smithsons

At Smithsons we help our clients accelerate goals. We can only do this by building Smithsons into a vehicle of positive agitation in the hiring space. We can only do this by building teams of people who are ambitions, lives outside-of-the-box, and committed. People who thrive at Smithsons holds diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of their work, are collaborative, and recognize the benefit of employment mobility.

It’s important that anyone interested in joining Smithsons understand our mission, values and purpose. We want them to resonate with you, to want to come here and do your best to live them each day. Understanding your perspective on our mission and values through the interview—along with your functional knowledge—is an important part of getting to know you, and you getting to know us.

prepare to interview

We have high standards at Smithsons and will provide you with the best interview experience possible. Depending on the position, you may not encounter each of the steps outlined in our process. But keep reading — over the next few pages, we'll reveal our general approach to getting to know you.

Quick tips

Read the Job Description

Make sure you understand what we’re looking for and the scope of responsibilities in the role laid out in the job description.

Learn about our Leadership

Find out more about the team that’s leading the way by meeting our leaders and reading a letter from our CEO.

Learn about our Culture

Hiring isn’t the only thing that we’re changing. We’re building a culture within Smithsons that emphasizes doing the right thing for candidates, clients, and employees. Learn about the behaviors that we value by learning about us, our and Cultural Norms.

By joining Smithsons, you'll work with interesting colleagues, be part of a fast-growing firm, participate in meaningful work, and strengthen the skills you need to launch your career at Smithsons and beyond.

Why Smithsons?

Becoming a Smithsons Teammate in 6 Steps or Less

First, we carefully review your application to ensure your skills and experience are a match for the position. You may be asked to submit a video introducing yourself.


Next, we'll set up a 30-minute phone call with a recruiter to get to know you and chat about the aspects of the job that excite or inspire you most. It's our goal to get back to you within 48 business hours with an update


During this interview, you'll learn more about what the job entails, hear about the team dynamics, and have the opportunity to share your expertise with one or two Smithsons teammates you may report to or work closely with. The call will last roughly 45 minutes.

MINI PROJECT (If required)

Depending on the position you're applying for, we may give you a small project to showcase your stuff, like writing code or showing us your portfolio.


It's time to meet the founders. You’ll get a taste of the work you'll be involved in and we’ll learn how our values align. These sessions can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can either be completed on the same day or split across multiple days based on the position. For select roles, we may ask you to participate in one more session with other team leads or invite you to meet in person.


We'll create a competitive offer for the successful candidate. If it's not a match, we'll keep you in mind for openings that might be a better fit and share job search resources that you might find helpful. This will be facilitated through our recruiter.

What to Expect

• Make sure you have good Wifi • Use headphones to block out background noise • Test your microphone and headphones • Be thoughtful about your background

How should I prepare?

We use Zoom as our video conferencing tool for all interviews. Please download Zoom before the call and use the unique link provided in your confirmation email to join. If you’ve tried to connect to the call and are having issues, reply to your confirmation email and we can troubleshoot from there.

How do you conduct interviews virtually

Yes, a coordinator will virtually walk you into your interview. When you join, your coordinator will confirm your schedule, ensure your camera and microphone are working appropriately, and transition to your first interviewer. Your talent advisor will follow-up with any next steps.

Will I speak with anyone before or after my interview

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